Success Stories

a. We recently settled a case for $992,000 for a construction worker who fell down an unmarked and unguarded elevator shaft. At first, the general contractor denied fault and testified that he warned our client about the elevator shaft, and indeed placed yellow caution tape in front of the doorway. Eventually we subpoenaed two witnesses who testified that the contractor did not warn our client, and that the caution tape was placed in front of the door after the accident.

b. We settled a case for tenants of cigar lounge who were tricked into leasing a store that leaked water and was full of mold for $485,000. Through investigation and discovery, we were able to prove that the landlord knew about the water leaks and mold for a number of years, and concealed this information from our clients when they were in the process of signing the lease.

c. We also just settled a sexual harassment case for $380,000 for a female police officer who was constantly sexually harassed by two of her supervisors. After our client made it clear that she was not interested in any type of relationship with her supervisor, they retaliated against her, and ended up terminating her employment

d. I recently settled a sexual harassment case for $525,000 for an executive who worked in the corporate office of a large retail firm. One of her coworkers started making sexual comments to her and even invited her out to his car. When she refused, he became quite upset and tried to undermine her performance. When she complained to Human Resources, they essentially took sides with the harasser, and refused to investigate or take any corrective action. My client was eventually forced to quit because the tension in the office was more than she could tolerate.
She retained my firm to represent her. I conducted several depositions, and just before trial, the defense firm agreed to a settlement of $525,000.00.